Part 3:
What To Do After Creating A Business Page

A. Promote your Facebook Page

Create an engaging Page.

Leverage your existing network like e-mail subscribers and blog readers.

Make your Page publicly searchable.

B. Advertise On Facebook

Facebook ads help you to promote your business, get more fans, and drive more leads for your sales team.

Get started

Go to and click “Create an Ad”

Enter the title and description for your ad

Choose your destination URL

Choose an image (images increase click-through rate)

C. Analyze the performance of your Facebook Page

Analyze these metrics to gauge your ad or Page performance


Total number of fans, group members,
and/or friends

Facebook Grade

To measure overall marketing effectiveness of your profile or page, visit to grade your profile or page for free


Facebook’s built-in analytics, Insights, lets you track valuable metrics such as page views, wall posts and photo views