Welcome to LINE For Business:
The World’s Largest "Photo-Sharing" Network

What Is LINE For Business

LINE is a messaging app just like WhatsApp used by more than 79 million users in Japan, which includes over 60% of the Japanese population.

How Does it Work?

LINE is not only a messaging app, it also plays a crucial role in the social infrastructure of Japan.
The app has many capabilities that make life for the Japanese consumer easier. With the LINE app, you can make free phone calls, make payments at retail stores, hail taxis, read the latest news, order food, and more.

Did You Know?

• 85% of line users use the LINE app on a daily basis
• LINE significantly exceeds the number of users compared to other major social media channels in Japan
Source: https://blog.btrax.com/ultimate-guide-line-app-for-business/