Part 3:
What To Do After Creating A Business Profile

A. Promote Your Page (5 Tried and True LinkedIn Tips to Grow your Company Page)

  1. Complete your LinkedIn company profile (fully)
  2. Create a consistent posting schedule
  3. Re-Buffer your top content
  4. Engage your colleagues and employees
  5. Promote your Company Page beyond LinkedIn

B. Advertise On LinkedIn (3 Steps to get started)

Step 1

Create your Campaign Manager account

Campaign Manager is LinkedIn's all-in-one advertising platform.

Step 2

Determine your objective

Whether you’re focused on lead generation or brand awareness, selecting your objective is key

Step 3

Launch your campaign

Once you’ve selected an objective, you’ll be guided to build an audience, set a budget, upload an ad creative, set up your payment details and launch your campaign!

C. Analyze Your LinkedIn Page & Ads

Here’s How to Measure the ROI of Your LinkedIn Ads

1. Measure conversions

Use conversion tracking to understand how your ads are driving business results, leads, purchases, and event registrations.

2. Analyze performance

Compare metrics, like clicks, impressions, and social actions, to learn which campaigns and ad creatives are most effective

3.Understand your audience

Use campaign demographics to see who engages with your ads. View by traits like job titles, company names, and industries.

Explore how to measure your ROI in details: